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Wing Bo Tso

TSO Wing Bo has an M.Phil. in Gender Studies, from the University of Birmingham on “Repression and Transgression in Children's Fantasy Fiction: A Comparative Study of Gender Representation in the Selected Works of George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis.”

Julie Cross

Julie Cross is currently studying for a Ph.D. in Children's Literature at Roehampton University.  Her thesis title is  “ The Subliminal and the Ridiculous: Children, Humour and Society in 'Funny' Junior Fiction in Britain, 1960 onwards”.  'Her recent publications include a chapter on the comic Gothic in 'The Gothic in Children's Literature: Haunting the Borders', part of the 'Children's Literature and Culture' series published by Routledge and edited by Jack Zipes (forthcoming Spring 2007).'

Stacey Polemikou

Stacey Polemikou holds an MA in English Literature and Education from New York University. She is a full-time Lecturer of English at The University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece. She is currently doing a PhD at Newcastle University, UK. It is a comparative study (based on 19th century girls' periodicals in Greece and England) on the social and cultural construction of the feminine identity of the adolescent girl during the period 1880-1910.

Jason DeSain

Jason DeSain recently completed a Master's Degree on the mixed blessings of technology in the works of Kurt Vonnegut at Buffalo State College, in Buffalo, New York. His research interests include Twentieth Century American and British Literature, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and modernism/postmodernism.

Vanessa Joosen

Vanessa Joosen has an MA in English and German Literature from the University of Antwerp and an MA in Children's Literature from the University of Surrey Roehampton. She is a board member of IBBY Flanders and president of the children’s literature committee of the Flemish Literature Fund. She is doing her Ph.D. in children's literature at the University of Antwerp, researching the interaction between fairy-tale retellings and criticism on fairy tales in the period from 1970 to 2005. Other research interests are the translation of children’s literature and young adult fiction. Recent publications include “Translating Dutch into Dutch”, in Signal 100; an article on Belgian Children's Literature in Peter Hunt’s International Companion to Children's Literature; “Disenchanting the Fairy Tale: Retellings of ‘Snow White’ between Magic and Realism” for Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies (forthcoming 2007); and “Novelising the Fairy Tale: The Case of Gregory Maguire” (IRSCL proceedings, forthcoming 2007). With Katrien Vloeberghs she edited Changing Concepts of Childhood and Children’s Literature (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006).

Jane Newland

Jane Newland has recently completed her Ph.D. entitled ‘Difference Reading: a Deleuzian analysis of contemporary French series fiction’ at the University of Southampton, UK in which she puts forward a new critical approach to series fiction based on the radical theories of Gilles Deleuze. Her research focuses on series fiction for adolescents in France and instances of commonality, variety in sequencing and resolution, and perceived character growth across series. A recent publication includes “Beyond the Formulaic: Deleuzian Becomings in Series Fiction” in Joosen, V and Vloeberghs, K. (Eds.), Changing Concepts of Childhood and Children’s Literature. Cambridge Scholars Press. 2006.

Krystallia Makatou

Krystallia Makatou studied Modern  Greek Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and at the  University of Sorbonne (Paris-IV). She acquired a Master in  children’s literature and pedagogy from the Department of Pre-School Education  at the Aegean University (Greece) under a scholarship of the Greek  State Scholarships Foundation. She is based in Thessaloniki at the Aristotle University, where she follows postgraduate studies in European Literature and Culture. She is a graduate of the Children’s  Literature International Summer School 2003, held at the University of Surrey Roehampton, UK. She is coordinator of the program  “Sources of Autobiography and Memoirs”; elaborated by the Hellenic National  Foundation of Research.

 Wan-chi Lee

Wan-chi Lee is currently a Ph.D. student in the Children's Literature Unit of English Literature at University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Her main interests include fairy tales, Victorian and Chinese children's literature, and translation studies. She is also the translator of three young adult novels, one of which won the yearly top ten best children's books award in translation in Taiwan.

 Gaby Thomson-Wohlgemuth

Gaby Thomson-Wohlgemuth holds an MA in Translation Studies and is at present finalising her PhD thesis in the area of translation of children’s literature. Her publications focus on translation of English children’s books in the German Democratic Republic, indigenous East German children’s and young adult literature, as well as on general issues regarding translation and ideology, censorship, the publishing industry and cultural/literary politics in East Germany.

 Katherine Bell

Katherine Bell is a doctoral student in the interdisciplinary program "Language, Culture and Teaching" at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her research interests are cultural constructions of childhood in contemporary Canadian literature, post-structural and psychoanalytical interpretations of nostalgia, and the relationship between Canada's literary icons and our historical consciousness.

Lilijana Burcar

Lilijana Burcar is a teaching assistant and a Ph.D. student at the Department of English at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana. Her research interests include feminist theories, gender studies and neo-imperialism as well as children's literature, postcolonial literature and recent British literature with primary focus upon feminist thought and gender studies. Lilijana Burcar is currently working on her thesis entitled “Sexual/gender politics and childhood imaginary in British children's literature at the turn of the 21st century”.

Polymnia Lakiotaki

Polymnia Lakiotaki studied English Language and Literature in Greece and holds an MA in Literature from the University of Essex. She is currently doing her Ph.D. on Jungian psychoanalysis and family images in contemporary children's literature at Roehampton University. Along with her research, she is currently working as part-time administrative assistant at the NCRCL at Roehampton University.

Marta Dorigo Salamon

Having taken the M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature, Marta  Salamon is now a PhD student at Udine University – Italy. Currently, she is studying the representation of death by water in European myths, folk tales, and fairy tales in order to find evidence of a female initiation rite through water in European pre Christian society.  Her interests include the way ancient myths are represented in European and Postcolonial children’s literature; in descriptive translation studies within children’s literature, especially concerning the manipulation of literature and the construction of identity. She recently moved to London in order to take courses in the M.A. in Children’s Literature at Roehampton University.

Åse Marie Ommundsen

Åse Marie Ommundsen is currently a research fellow at University of Oslo, Norway. Her ongoing project is called "Literature for child or adult? Erasing the borderlines between literature for child and adult". She works with Nordic children's literature, the main focus being on Norwegian literature. She has published a book on religious children's literature (1998), and several articles on contemporary children's literature.

Catherine Posey

After receiving an M.A. in Children's Literature from Roehampton University, Catherine Posey returned to the USA to teach literature and composition courses on the community college and university level. She developed the curriculum for an online children's literature course at Shasta College in Redding, CA. Presently, she teaches full-time in the English Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in West Chester, PA and also teaches children's literature online for Shasta College. Her research interests include spirituality in literature, children's literature in translation, visual texts, teaching literature to non-English majors, feminist literary criticism, the Victorian novel, and crossover literature.

Miguel Bernal

Miguel Bernal has a background in languages and translation, having studied in Spain, the US and the UK, and is currently doing his Ph.D. in "The Translation of Video Games" at Roehampton University with Dr.G.Lathey and Dr.J.Díaz-Cintas.  He lectures in Media Translation and is a freelance translator for the video game industry.

Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic is a postgraduate student of English literature, currently writing her PhD.  Her fields of interest are turn-of-the-century literature and children's literature. She currently lives and works in Finland.

Giuliana Peresso

Having completed an MA in Children’s Literature, Giuliana is now furthering her studies by reading for a PhD at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Meanwhile, she teaches Literature to Secondary School Children and does freelance writing for the local media in Malta.

Haslina Haroon

Haslina Haroon is currently teaching translation at the School of Humanities at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia, and she is currently working on documenting the various aspects of the history of translation in Malaysia.

Gili Bar-Hillel

Gili Bar-Hillel is a translator and editor of children’s books. She translated into Hebrew the “Harry Potter” series, “The Annotated Wizard of Oz” and “Ballet Shoes”. She edits a series for young adults for “Graff” publishing house, and her reviews are published regularly in Israel. Her latest project is an annotated translation of J.M.Barrie’s “Peter Pan”. She lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Jose Manuel López Gaseni

Jose Manuel López Gaseni  is a professor in the Teacher Training High School of Vitoria, belonging to the University of the Basque Country. His doctoral thesis concerned children's literature translated into Basque. His fields of research are children's literature and translation. He is also an author and translator in Basque.

Lea Baratz & Sara Zamir

Dr. Baratz and Dr. Zamir are both lecturers at "Achva" College, Israel

Nilay Yilmaz

Nilay Yılmaz is a Turkish Language lecturer at Bilgi University. She is doing her Ph.D. in the Turkish Language Teaching Program. At Istanbul University. She reviews children books in the Cumhuriyet newspaper and edits the children literature page. She has written two books -a novel and a story- for children. She writes articles for various magazines and participates in seminars about children and children literature. She also works for children in social services and associations for many NGO projects in Turkey. 

Anastasia Economidou

Anastasia Economidou is Assistant Professor at the School of Educational Sciences in Pre-school Age of the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, where she teaches Greek and foreign literature for children. She is the author of A thousand and one subversions: innovation in contemporary children's literature, Athens: Hellenika Grammata, 2000. She is currently researching the concept of the implied reader and its ideological function in texts for children as well as the ideological aspects of illustrated books.

Bartholomäus Figatowski

Bartholomäus Figatowski is currently a Ph.D. Student at the University of Cologne under a scholarship from the German Hans Böckler Foundation. The topic of his thesis is "Images of Childhood in German Science-Fiction-Literature for Children since 1945." He recently edited Sonne, Klon und Sterne, an anthology of Science-Fiction-stories for use in school. (Klett 2006).

Debbie Benson

Debbie Benson graduated with distinction in an MA in Writing for Children. Her Ph.D. research is on metaphysical and scientific representations of time in contemporary British children's historical time slip fiction. She is also writing a novel for teenagers, as well as working on a tangential paper for a journal, a number of picture books and short stories, which she eventually hopes to get published. She is an Associate Lecturer at Winchester University.

Cedric Cullingford

Cedric Cullingford is Professor of Education at the University of Huddersfield. He is author of many books exploring children's
experiences and the forming of attitudes and conduct. Books include "Children's Literature and its Effects"  London , Cassell (now Continuum) 1998. He has a literary background, earlier teaching at Wadham College, Oxford.

Kim Szymanski

Kim Szymanski is currently a Senior Lecturer and teacher on the Masters and Undergraduate modules in children's Literature at the University of Sunderland. She is in the second year of her Ph.D. looking at the representation of identities within children's fiction.

Marietta Frank

Marietta Frank is currently a librarian at the Hanley Library, University of Pittsburgh, and she teaches Readings in Children's Literature for the Education Department. Her BA in English is from SUNY Geneseo, as is her MLS, and she has an MA in Children's Literature from Hollins University.

Stephanie Hepner

With a Master's degree in Special Education from St. John's University in Queens, NY, Stefanie Hepner is currently teaching high school special education . She has presented papers on "The Portrayal of Turks in German Young Adult Literature from 1970 to the Present" and "Modes of Maturity in Cornelia Funke's 'Inkheart' and 'Inkspell'." She is interested in the representation of minorities in German and American literature for young adults, and is currently researching both the depiction of students with disabilities in young adult literature and fairy-tale retellings of the Holocaust.

Özge Ertem

Özge Ertem graduated from the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Marmara University, and is currently a Ph.D. Student at the Atatürk Institute of Modern Turkish History, Boğaziçi University, where she also got my MA degree. Her interest is in combining her interest in literature with academic aims, and the interdisciplinary character of recent academic trends in history gave her the impetus to continue her studies in children's culture, literature and the construction of childhood and shifts in socio-political values in different socio-historical contexts.

Ulf Schöne

Ulf Schöne’s academic background is in Nordic Studies, German Literature and Philosophy at the universities of Bonn, Marburg, Trier and Växjö (Sweden). His Masters thesis was on Tove Jansson's Moomin-books in 2000. He is currently lecturer of German at Stavanger University, Norway. His ongoing Ph.D. project is on anarchism in children's literature.

Chris Clark

Teaching in primary and secondary schools led Chris Clark to teacher training where she taught English to both under and post graduate students, including teaching children's literature at master's level at The University of Sunderland. Her own MA in Children's Literature was achieved with the University of Surrey, Roehampton. She is now a part-time Ph.D. research student at the University of Newcastle where her interest is in the changes in the historical fiction genre from WWII to the present time.

Stefanie Weber

Stefanie Weber is currently finishing her Ph.D. on 'Humour in Erich Kästner's Children's Books' at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland. In the past she has presented on various aspects of humour in Kästner's work and in children's literature in general. Her article on Kästner's adaptation of 'Gulliver's Travels' is in currently in press.

Lance Weldy

Dr. Lance Weldy is a 2006-2007 Fulbright Fellow Junior Lecturer in the English and American Department at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  His areas of specialization are American and Children’s Literature, with an emphasis on pioneer literature as well as the topic of Transformation in various forms, including media/film.  He recently edited and contributed to the published anthology of essays, From Colonialism to the Contemporary: Intertextual Transformation in World Children’s and Youth Literature, and has a book contract with ibidem-Verlag for his first monograph, Seeking a Felicitous Space: The Dialectics of Women and Frontier Space in Giants in the Earth, Little House on the Prairie, and My Ántonia. 

Julie Barton

Julie Barton received her BA in English Literature with a minor in Music from Boston College, and her MA in Children’s Literature from Roehampton University. She has been published twice in the Journal of Children’s Literature Studies, and wrote entries for the Encyclopaedia of Children’s Literature. She has worked for the Philharmonia Orchestra, Save the Children UK, and Puffin Publishing. Julie is currently researching her PhD in Literature and Film at the University of East Anglia.

Brett Jocelyn Epstein

Brett Jocelyn Epstein has a BA in English and creative writing from Bryn Mawr College and an MFA in fiction from Queens University, and she is now a Ph.D. student in translation studies at Swansea University in Wales. She also works as a Swedish to English translator, writer, copy editor, and English teacher, and is the author of an EFL textbook. Her research is currently focused on the translation of children's literature, with special interest in dialects, word play, authority, and several other issues.”

Jan Van Coillie

Jan Van Coillie teaches Dutch and children’s literature in translation at the Department of Applied Linguistics of the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst in Brussels. He has published widely on children’s poetry, fairy tales, the history of children’s literature, children’s authors and children’s literature generally. From 1999 till 2004 he was editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedie van de jeugdliteratuur (Encyclopaedia of Children’s Literature). He is also active as a literary critic, author and translator, especially of poetry for children and picture books.

Frances Jane P. Abao

Frances Abao is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include children's literature, gender and reader responses, and Gothic/horror fiction.

Anne Scott MacLeod

Anne Scott MacLeod is Professor Emerita, University of Maryland. She has taught Children's Literature for about 30 years, and her research focus is on children's literature as cultural history. She has published books (A Moral Tale, 1975, and American Childhood: Essays on 19th and 20th century children's literature, 1995) and many articles in the major journals in the field, made many contributions to reference works in children's literature and presented regularly at conferences in the US and abroad. She was President of the International Research Society for Children's Literature 1985-89.

Şukran Kara

Ana Hornero

Ana Hornero is Senior Lecturer at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), where she teaches English Historical Linguistics and audiovisual translation.

Pilar González Vera

Pilar González Vera is currently working at the University of Zaragoza  as lecturer (English Philology Department) in the Faculty of Education and as a researcher in a research programme in translation.

Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar

Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar is associate professor of translation studies Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bogazici University. Her main field of interest is translation history and theory. She has published a number of articles on Turkish translation history and is the author of Kapılar (2005) and The Politics and Poetics of Translation in Turkey, 1923-1960 (forthcoming).

Yaacov Shavit

Professor Yaacov Shavit teaches at the department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv university. His main fields of study are the history of modern Palestine and modern Jewish intellectual and cultural history. His main latest books (in English) are Athens in Jerusalem: Classical Antiquity and Hellenism in the Making of the Modern Secular Jew, Oxford, 1997 (Paperback edition, 1999); History in Black: African-Americans in Search  of an Ancient Past, London, 2001; .The Hebrew Bible Reborn: From Holy Scripture to the Book of Books, Berlin, 2007; The Glorious Accursed Europe: An Essay on the Jews, Europe and Western Culture (forthcoming). Professor Shavit has also published 11 books for children, some of which are considered classics of Hebrew literature for children.